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and darkness fell...
and I forgot and did not know
where I came, and where I went.

Protectors came, and took the blame
for acts unspeakable, and  shame.

What did I do?  Where did I go?
Why did that happen, I was so small?

I must have deserved it, I thought I did
He put it in me, and I cried a lot...

I heard inside, deep inside...
Let me take it, and you can hide.

I did, and forgot, not meaning to
I am sure, but I did, I forgot...

And unlike before, I was innocent
once more...again, and again.

Within me, so many, to help with the pain
Within me, survival...and nothing to gain.


One so small, so dark, so closed
She cried and cried, and hid
her pain.

Out of the darkness, she came one day.
Who was she, this little one, so dark?

Pretty little one, crying, and hurting,
Wanted a toy, and a corner to hide.

Do I know you?  Familiar you seem
I knew you once, long ago...

Never alone, now, you did not grow.
You are just a baby, with so much pain.

I think I know you...I think I do
You saved me, once, so long ago.

Let me hold you, keep you safe...
Give you comfort now, in this place.

I am you, and you are different
you seem, than long ago...
Why did you not grow?