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Birth...the beginning, for all life forms
Should be the time of renewal...but becomes
for the some, just the start, of the end.

We travel through the life span, with
Only what we may believe, can somehow
Become a better time, in a better place...

But we become more, in order to survive
More than ever we could be...with a part
for this, and a part for that...we amble on.

We define responsibilities, places in
What should be a family unit...but
We don't always see that for...

We all want our space, our place
Our time of survival, to
Go on, to learn, to adjust for now



Listen to me, you did this
You refused to let me be small
You did wouldn't love me
You hit me instead of hugged me.

What did I do?  I was only small
lost, lingering for love, for touch
For caring...but in return, you
Stabbed me, beat me, pushed me.

I did not ask for birth, or death
You made that decision. YOU!
Why punish me for what you did?
Your choice, your decision....yet

You make me pay...forever
You make me remember that
You have no reason for me
No want of me. no love for me.

Why just beat me?
Why not kill me?
Why not put us both
Out of your misery?


Just by way of introduction...I am a multiple, my way of surviving many years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.  The only way we could survive, and still do.  I really don't much care if you believe in MPD/DID, or not, but until you have walked a mile in my shoes, just don't judge me!