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...and it happened!
For me, there it was, my dream
no warning, no lights, camera's or stars...
Just there, standing in the doorway...
Love, an always and forever love....
not judging, not rude, not uncaring
just love....caring, and sharing.

Withstanding it all, the splitting...
the running, the hiding, the noise.
Love cared, and did not leave...
Was there to lean on, to care, and share.
Finally...we found, a real place to
be and love, to share, and to care.

Not a fairy tale, not an illusion...
A reality, a dream come true...forever
A reality...a truth in vision, in caring
in sharing...a life that is open,
That takes and gives...understanding
and loving, and sharing and caring
Forever, and ever till death do part us!


Yes, finally, after years of walked in
my door, and stayed.  It has been hard, it has not been
an easy road...but it is withstanding the test of time.  22 years.  I cannot say it is is wonderful, and sharing, and it has not been an easy road for either of us, but it has withstood all that I have thrown at it, and is still going strong.  We have a commitment, a forever thing...a death do us part kind of thing...and now it is the ability to share our lives...not just taking care of me,
and all my parts, but taking care of each other. 

Oh we have been through the mill together, but we have always come out on the good side.  It can really can!